Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Protecting Your Privacy

One of the biggest advantages of using Collaborative Law to resolve family law issues, such as divorce, is the protection of privacy.

Privacy is very valuable to a number of people.  This includes:
  • Professionals, such as doctors, attorneys, CPAs and others
  • Business people, especially ones involved in owning and running businesses
  • Politicians and office holders
  • Athletes
  • Educators
  • Wealthy people with substantial assets
  • A lot of other people who don't want their personal and financial affairs out in the public's view.
How does Collaborative Law protect privacy?  Here are some ways:
  • The process involves a series of private meetings, rather than court appearances
  • The meetings take place in private, even neutral, locations
  • The meetings and discussions are confidential
  • There is minimal involvement with the Court
  • The terms of the final agreement can be kept private by using an Agreement Incident to Divorce which is not filed with the court papers
  •  Discrete professionals help the parties come to agreements
  • There is no battle of pleadings splashing allegations in the public view
  • There is no testimony in court, other than at the prove-up at the end
If you are facing a divorce or other legal action, you should find a trained Collaborative lawyer and investigate whether your case would be appropriate for Collaborative Law.

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