Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why Do We Spend Time Writing Our Goals?

Some people are just impatient and some wonder why we set goals when most people going through divorces don't spend time doing it. The answer is that we need a target to focus on. Collaborative Law is interest-based, which means that negotiations take into consideration the goals, needs and interests of each party. An agreement is not to be based on standard formulas or guidelines. We really want to know what is important to the parties in the case. We want to meet their specific needs instead of just handing them a piece of paper granting the divorce which is just based on standard solutions or what the judge decided. Setting goals helps us know what we need to accomplish and helps the parties decide what's really important for them. It might seem easier to not invest the time in coming up with the goals for each party, but we use the goals to create solutions that are meaningful and valuable. It turns out to be time well spent!

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