Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Location, Location, Not Location!

The famous saying about real estate is that the most important factor for real estate is location, location, location.  It can also be a factor in choosing a lawyer, but in Collaborative cases, location of a lawyer may not make much difference.  Here's why.

1.  In choosing a lawyer for a Collaborative case, people usually start off wanting to hire someone who is convenient.  However, convenience is relative.  In Collaborative cases, meetings occur wherever the parties want them to be.  I have had cases with all the meetings at my office, other cases with all the meetings at the other attorney's office and other cases where we met at the mental health professional's office or the financial professional's office.  I even had one where we met out of town at the office of an attorney who was not involved in the case. In other cases, we alternated between the offices of the two attorneys.  We always discuss where we want to meet and the parties get to approve the location.

     In reality, my client rarely comes to my office after the initial visit or two.  Most of the rest of the communication is by phone or email.

     I regularly represent clients from all over the county, from the Northeast to far Southwest, from far North to Mansfield and Arlington  and from far West Fort Worth (or Parker County) to far East or Southeast Tarrant County.  Occasionally, I will have a client from Downtown  Fort Worth or the central city of Fort Worth. I think that's the way most Tarrant County attorneys are.

2.  From my experience and observation, I have found experience and chemistry as more important factors in selection of attorneys. Clients want someone who has handled similar matters and knows what to do.Clients also want someone they feel comfortable with.

Conclusion:  Choose an attorney you know or like, but don't worry too much about the location.  That gets sorted out when the Collaborative case starts up.